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Dieter’s Cleanser

Dieter’s Cleanser

Lose Weight, Cleans and Detoxifies the system without cramping and 100% NATURAL!

Full Figure Dieter’s Cleanse as diuretic and detoxifier is very effective to maintain a healthy colon. Full Figure Dieter’s Cleanse has been formulated to remove waste materials accumulated in the colon making possible the elimination of the excess of toxic substances that could cause various diseases. SlimSpa Dieter’s Cleanse is an essential first step in any weight management plan, for use between programs, or for use by any adult desiring periodic cleansing.

Years of improper diet ? refined foods, low-fiber foods, and fast foods can cause a build-up of toxic material (anything that is foreign to the body). A common occurrence in the intestines, this build-up can limit the body’s ability to fully absorb vital nutrients needed for optimal health through the intestinal walls.

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