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Boob Tape

Boob Tape


1. Dry off your skin completely and wipe off any moisture left on your skin. Do not apply lotion before applying the product.

2. Apply nipple covers that come in the box.

3. Roughly measure the length by holding the tape up in the position it will be used to get an idea of how long the tape should be. Keep in mind the tape stretches.


1. Slowly peel the paper off the tape and make sure the tape does not touch itself or your hands too much.

2. Hold your breast in the desired position.

3. Slowly tape your breast, start from underneath, and pull the tape to the desired position. Use a mirror to make sure you are lining up the tape correctly. Smooth any wrinkles. Try not to move the boob tape once it touches your skin, as the adhesive will lose strength.

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