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Abdominal Board Max

Abdominal Board Max

MAX Support: The largest size of the abdominal board we’ve produced yet! The surface of the board touches the entire midsection, so there is no room for skin folds to develop.

Decrease Pain & Discomfort: Avoid post-surgery pains by reinforcing the midsection with a stable and delicate full-size foundation board. It even helps absorb discomfort and unnecessary pressure!

The Perfect Companion For The Post Op Colombian Faja/Undergarments: Although our Colombian faja is already exceptional at minimizing discomfort, aiding with healing, and decreasing the chances of creases on the skin… there’s no such thing as too much protection when dealing with post-op recovery. Combined with our Colombian faja, you can experience even less: swelling, fluid retention, and irritation.

Delicate & Soft Fabric: The internal material that makes contact with the skin is engineered to be highly breathable, quick-drying, non-irritant, all while being strong enough to provide the support you need.

Superior Fit & A Flatter Tummy: Additional compression to the entire midsection means only one thing… better quality end results. Sculpt your midsection and avoid fluid retention, scar tissue, and skin folds.

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