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Abdominal Board

Abdominal Board

Balanced Abdominal Support: The abdominal board is made of soft seams that won't mark, while helping you maintain a sturdy outer infrastructure. The sturdiness of the lipo board boosts comfort in the most sensitive area that needs protection.

Decrease Pain & Discomfort: During the very first days after the aesthetic procedure, the discomfort will be at its highest. Using a liposuction board helps prevent such high levels of discomfort.

The Perfect Companion For Compression Garments: Although our Colombian fajas are already exceptional at minimizing discomfort, aiding with healing, and decreasing the chances of creases on the skin… there’s no such thing as too much protection when dealing with post-op recovery. Combined with our post op girdles, you can prevent fluid retention, reduce swelling and irritation.

Delicate Quick Drying Surface: The internal material that makes contact with the skin is engineered to be highly breathable, quick-drying, non-irritant, all while being strong enough to provide the support you need

Superior Fit & A Flatter Tummy: A compression garment is the best tool for postoperative recovery and the lack of it can actually decrease the quality of results! We found a way to emphasize comfort into the mix. Our Abdominal Board is firm and comfortable, meaning it exponentially decreases the chance of wrinkles or a tummy we’re not happy about after the liposuction procedure.

If you want the best post-surgery experience then place your order now, we can’t guarantee this won’t be gone soon. The abdominal is one of our hottest items because of how effective it is at providing more!

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